Mizuki offers a broad range of service for her photo art
Mizuki’s photo art is displayed in various places throughout Japan and other countries. Mizuki’s photo art can be seen in various gallery’s, Corporation’s, Exhibition Firms, Cafes, Beauty Salon’s,Interior Design shop’s, restaurants, Yoga studio and more.
Anyone interested in exhibiting or purchasing
Mizuki’s art work can contact her via email:
1995 Opened a Solo  “ Mono Chrome “  exhibition
2002 The Earth's Environment Corporation requested Mizuki’s photos to be used in an exhibition
2007 Hamburg, Germany exposition of Aircrafts Interiors (Expo 2007)
Mizuki’s photo’s were showcased.

2007 Gunma Japan, Mizuki presented her first Solo Exhibition Titled  “ Ripples of life “
2009 Art work sold to Book shops & Galleries in New York
2010 Two of Mizuki Photo’s were  displayed in Canadian galleries in Vancouver & Toronto
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E-mail : art-photo@mizukigallery.comAAAAAA